Great interest from the humanities and social sciences

227 pre-proposals from 45 disciplines and research fields in the humanities and social sciences were submitted within the framework of NRP 80.

The range of topics of the submitted pre-proposals reflects the breadth of the societal challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, it shows the great interest of the various disciplines in contributing to answering the relevant questions. Thomas Friemel, President of the NRP 80 Steering Committee, is very pleased given the numerous and diverse project proposals submitted: "This is a great success and an important step in the development of NRP 80. The project outlines are the basis on which a successful research programme can now be put together." In NRP 80, researchers will identify the most important factors and social dynamics that have been playing a decisive role in the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of developing strategies aimed at preparing society for future pandemics.

The nine-member Steering Committee of NRP 80 has been expanded to include 36 international experts from various disciplines whose task is to review the submitted pre-proposals. In addition, two representatives of the federal administration will offer advice and support during the selection process so that the potential for transferring the research results into practice is taken into account from the outset. The decisions on who will be invited to submit a research proposal and take part in the second round of the selection process will be communicated at the beginning of April.