The NRP 80 research groups’ second set of cluster meetings

© Marco Finsterwald

In autumn 2024, NRP 80's 25 research groups will meet for the second time in the seven thematic clusters to present initial results and explore synergies between the projects.

A second meeting of the seven thematic clusters of NRP 80 will be held in autumn 2024. The aim of these meetings is for the 25 research groups to present their interim results within their cluster. It will also enable the clusters to discuss these initial research results with stakeholders and explore the synergies between the projects.

The cluster meetings will take place as follows:

  • 18 September 2024: Youth and Education
  • 26 September 2024: Governance and Economy
  • 16 October 2024: Family and Law
  • 25 October 2024: Work
  • 28 October 2024: Wellbeing and Cohesion
  • 4 November 2024: Public Discourse 
  • 21 November 2024: Social Security