New website with descriptions of the 25 research projects

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The new NRP 80 website provides an overview of the National Research Programme "Covid-19 in Society". The centrepiece of the website is the 25 research project descriptions, grouped into seven key topics.

The new website of NRP 80 "Covid-19 in Society" offers visitors an overview of the National Research Programme, the key topics and the latest news on NRP 80 activities. The centrepiece is the descriptions of the 25 research projects. They provide information on the content, background and goals of the research projects. They also describe the significance of the projects for society, politics and the scientific community. The researchers show how their results can be applied in practice and in which areas they plan to contribute to improvements.

Seven key topics

The 25 research projects are grouped into seven key topics: Youth and Education; Family and Law; Public Discourse; Governance and Economy; Social Security, Wellbeing and Cohesion; and Work. This promotes the exchange among the different research teams and enables to exploit potential synergies.

The research groups start their investigations during spring 2023. Their conclusions will be published in the section findings as soon as they will be available.